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Vincenzo De Cotiis


Home of Milan based architect, designer, and artist Vincenzo de Cotiis

I would rather speak about 'language' rather than 'style'. I think I can say that my language is changeable, in constant movement and adaptation. It is constantly fed and imbued with innumerable stimuli that come from many different sources; art, literature, landscape, and relationships, to name just a few.”


We visited a Home of Milan based architect, designer, and artist Vincenzo de Cotiis

The house is located in Magenta zone. Traditionally attracted by nobility. It feels like an oasis, just 10 minutes from the touristy centre of the Duomo, one of the oldest centre of Milan. The palazzo stands behind discreet gates on a quiet street, its wide, soaring stairwell leading from the central courtyard to De Cotiis’ home.


A trademark style for the designer, whose work reflects his love of surface texture, organic forms and light. The interiors were treated with such clever devices as a deep, protruding brass skirting to reflect the light upwards; the apartment proved the ideal canvas for de Cotiis to display his own designs and artworks.

Things, aesthetics, functions, should always be in a sort of balance. This balance can then be manifested or represented near its breaking point, in its point of maximum tension, or in its least dramatic and most serene expression.

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